Norwegian Turk follows up the latest technologies updates and offers you the best method for you.
The Newest Technologies
Norwegian Turk is ready to share these services with you by over 15 years of experiences and over 80 medical personnels.
Medical Team
Get rid of hair loss forever by doing hair transplant at the right place
Term Solution
Norwegian Turk's experts contact you during 1 year after the operation at defined times and personally, they follow up the results of operation.
 1 Year Free Control After Operation

About Us

We have successfully carried out more than 12500 hair transplantation operations

Norwegian Turk is one of the best hair transplantation centers in turkey, even on the European level, and competing with the most advanced centers that started using (FUE) follicular unit extraction.

Our operations

We do our best to cover all cosmetic and plastic surgeries

Hair transplant

Take hair follicles having no genetics of hair-loss to transfer them to the area we wish.


Removes the excess fat from specific areas of the body by liposuction.

Face lift

This procedure strengthens the skin tissue and eliminates wrinkles from the face and the neck.

Nose surgery

A procedure for correcting and reconstructing the form, restoring the functions, and aesthetically enhancing the nose.

Hollywood smile

Implants of teeth and Hollywood smile that gives the people the confidence that they want.

Implant treatment

Implants are for people who lost teeth for various reasons, and it is to be replacing artificial tooth roots.

Medical Procedure

4 Days is just all you need for Hair Transplant!

Welcome to Turkey
We will pick up the patient from the airport and take him/her to the hospital for the first medical examination then we will take the patient to the hotel in which he/she will stay there during the operation period.
Operation Day
We will take the patient from the hotel to the hospital to perform the operation, then after finishing the operation, we will return the patient to the hotel.
Free Day
It’s a free day for the patient to discover, explore and enjoy the beauty of Istanbul so he/she can rest all the day and enjoy.
Hair Washing
It’s the last day in which we make a review and wash the patient’s hair, after that we take the patient from the hospital to the airport to return to his/her country.